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Complete Withdrawal

Formal departure from College of Charleston

If a student has decided to leave the College of Charleston permanently, then they are encouraged to formally withdraw from the institution through the Office of Undergraduate Academic Services.

To be approved for a Complete Withdrawal from the College, a student cannot be dismissed for academic deficiency. In the event a student requests a Complete Withdrawal, but has been academically dismissed, the Complete Withdrawal Request will be cancelled and the dismissal will stand.

Requesting a Complete Withdrawal From the College will not trigger course withdrawals--Petition for Late Course Withdrawals is a separate processes. Visit the Late Withdrawal pages for more information.


Before requesting a Complete Withdrawal From the College:

  • Make appropriate arrangements with the Offices of the Treasurer, Financial Assistance and Residence Life to ensure that all financial obligations to the College have been satisfied.
  • Drop or withdrawal from currently enrolled courses. If the withdrawal deadline has passed, then the student must also follow the process for the Petition for Withdrawal After the Official Withdrawal Deadline.

For more information about Complete Withdrawal from the College of Charleston, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Request a Complete Withdrawal from the College of Charleston

You may submit a Complete Withdrawal request online, submit a form electronically, or fill out a form in person at UAS (Lightsey Center, Room 101). Please use the version most convenient to you.