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Evaluating Provisional Progress

End-of-Term and End-of-Year Review

Undergraduate Academic Services monitors the academic progress of provisional students to ensure that provisional students meet the terms and expectations of the provisional program and also to help provisional students if they begin to show signs of academic distress.

Fall End-of-Term review 

At the end of the fall semester, Undergraduate Academic Services reviews the end-of-term grades for provisional students. Provisional students can expect to receive written notification from Undergraduate Academic Services alerting them about current progress towards meeting provisional program expectations.

If fall end-of-term review suggest academic improvement is needed, the student may be required to meet with Undergraduate Academic Services staff, enroll in a not-for-credit Learning Strategies course (EDLS 100), and/or work with staff from the Center for Student Learning to receive more intensive academic support.

If fall end-of-term review shows the student earning between a 2.0 and a 3.0 in the fall semester, they will have their requirements revised but will be required to participate in a half-day workshop in January followed by at least two one-hour workshops selected from a menu of choices focused on identifying strengths and selecting a major.

Spring End-of-Year Review

At the end of the spring semester, after the posting of final grades, Undergraduate Academic Services staff will review the progress of all provisional students to ensure that they have met the expectations of the provisional program (2.0 cumulative GPA and minimum completion of 24 credit hours). Provisional students who have met these expectations will receive a letter notifying them that enrollment has been continued past the spring semester.

Provisional students not meeting the conditions and expectations of the provisional program will not be continued past the spring semester and will also receive written notification of academic status. Continued enrollment beyond the first year is based on adherence to the terms and completion the requirements of the Provisional Program as stated in the provisional contract.

Provisional students who have not been offered continued enrollment and have documented mitigating circumstances that have impacted their ability to meet the requirements of the Provisional Program may consider appealing the end-of-year decision.

Returning to the College of Charleston

Former provisionally-admitted students who were not continued at the College of Charleston can apply for conditional readmission as a transfer/readmit student at a future date.  Such applications will be considered only after completion of 30 transferable semester hours at another accredited institution with a minimum 2.6 (if SC resident) or minimum 3.0 (if non-SC resident) grade point average. For more information about transfer/readmission, please visit the Office of Admissions